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茂胜鞋业 MaoSheng Shoes
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       公司拥有强大的设计团队和质量管理队伍, 着重高品质的要求,产品以用料讲究、款式新颖、工艺精湛的品质和实惠合理的价格深受客户青睐,长期与国内一线休闲品牌:如Bata、Tata、热风、江南布衣(速写)、莱尔斯丹…..合作。并与德国(flip*flop)、日本伊藤忠(ITOCHU)、美国(ASTON GREY)等等合作。
MaoSheng Shoes Industrial Co.,Ltd. founded in 1993, reposed on Houjie Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Specialized in designing and producing leather casual shoes, valgus shoes and boat shoes.
The company has s strong design team and quality management team , focuses on the high quality requirements. We satisfy customers with dainty materials, novel style, good quality and reasonable prices. Except long-term cooperation with domestic famous brand, MaoSheng also cooperates with Germany brand flip*flop, Japan brand ITOCHU, America brand ASTON GREY and so on.
Considering actively exploration, sincere cooperation, forges ahead with determination and continuous innovation as professional dedication, following the operation principle “Take the good faith as the principle, strives for the development by the quality, best service for the purpose”, MaoSheng Co. committed to create brilliance together with customers.
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